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Hi Anne Marie, great to hear from you.

I’ll kick this off as I feel like the misokinesia (visual triggers) has recently got as bad, if not worse sometimes, than the misophonia.

For me it tends to be mainly face and hand related and it’s 1,000 times worse when it’s in my peripheral vision.

In other words if I can see from the side that…

Someone is touching their face
Making strange hand movements
Tugging their hair
Stroking their beard
Resting their hand on their face in a unusual position
Pointing at something
Drumming fingers
Clasping and rubbing hands together
Texting on phone
Rolling fingers together
Fidgeting in general

Also any eating related movements are triggers, as you say above. Seeing someone chewing (even if it’s soundless) either straight on or in my peripheral vision is really tough.

These are the main ones I can think of off the top of my head.

When I realised that actually it’s mainly two things it really helped. I felt less out of control or ‘weird’ knowing that it’s face and/or hands rather than hundreds of little separate triggers. Also the peripheral vision thing.

This may or may not be similar for you but if you look at it this way, the list of triggers never really grows (they’re just variations on the same thing). It also means you can form better coping mechanisms. e.g. try to avoid sitting next to or to near people who are anxious or fidget a lot. Create barriers to block visual triggers if possible/if you need to. I have a plant next to be at work which I can kind of position so I can’t see my colleague touching his face all the time.

You can lead a wonderful and fulfilling with misophonia and miskokinesia, I promise. If you’re able to accept it and work with it, it stops ruling you.