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    My mother had this (she is no longer with us) and my grandmother has this and as a kid I resented my mom for being so angry at my fathers’ breathing (his nose whistles a little) which never bothered me… but it’s different sounds that bother me… and to the degree that I feel great anger inside that is confusing to my more logical self. For me, it’s my grandson’s eating (he is autistic and is horribly loud, not his fault… but I can’t stand it) it’s a friend of mine’s lip-smacking when he’s nervous… and the worst one (quite odd, I’m sure) is this particular coffee grinder. I have a blender which is equally as loud and while I don’t like that noise I can tolerate it for 30 seconds. This coffee grinder.. ugh.. it fills me with instant rage. After reading reviews on Amazon about this particular model, it turns out to be the loudest coffee grinder you can buy and my dear wife adores it. She bought it before we were married and has maintained it and treats it like a child. (So, enter other psych factors here perhaps) She will turn it on without notice and it grinds away for about a minute – during which time I cannot hear myself think. She knows it makes me nuts… but she really doesn’t grasp misophonia, so I can’t be too angry with her. I suggested buying another, different, quieter grinder… that didn’t go well. I bought one anyway… it’s not worth daily feelings of rage. Other sounds that make me nuts: Folks who eat with their mouth open. OMG. Straw-sucking-slurpers. (just stop it, it’s bad manners anyway) being kissed on or near my ear – you know that kissing-lip-smacking-sound… sends my tinnitus off the charts… oh and the sounds in my head make me nuts too, all caused by tinnitus from hearing damage, no doubt from the sounds that make me nuts.