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I have tried the subtle (not so subtle) glaring look of disgust a few times but he is clueless or just does not care. I am on edge just “waiting” for the next noise!

On a side note, since I am always “expecting” his noises I have found/realized that he MUST make a lot of noise no matter what he is doing. He can’t simply close his desk drawer he MUST slam it, he drops his stapler on his desk after using it instead of simply putting it down, he takes his calculator out and slams it on his desk and punches the keys SO HARD, etc. Everything he does is LOUD! He is hard of hearing in one ear, could that be part of the problem???

Also, he has a habit of repeating himself several times in one conversation. It is nerve-wracking.

I know the experts think that “we” are the ones with the problem but maybe it is the other way around? (Just a thought).