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Riley P.

    There’s no way to explain the hatred I feel for myself because of misophonia. I could wish with my whole being that I wasn’t like this, but I know that for the rest of my life it will stay this way. My parents do everything that they can possibly do to accommodate for me, but I can’t help myself lashing out when I see or hear someone eating, or running up to my room and slamming my door so I can scream into my pillow. I know full well that this is completely unfair for everyone else, but realizing it also helps dealing with this situation that much harder. I try as hard as I can to keep a cool face for my friends and my family, but most of the time my friends get mad at me, or acknowledge me but continue what they were doing. They’ll explain to me that they “weren’t even chewing it loudly” and that I was making an unnecessarily big deal out of it. I realize how frustrating it must be for my loved ones, and that’s what makes me feel so terrible about myself.