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    OMG! I feel like I am going to lose my mind at work! My co-worker, who sits directly behind me, is driving me insane! He makes CONSTANT noises at his desk ALL THROUGHOUT THE DAY! This is the short list: slurping coffee, clipping his nails (several times throughout the day!), constantly wiping his hand across his paper desk pad, making “blowing” noises (like he is blowing something off of his desk), he eats/chews with his mouth open (he eats like a pig/cow and then chokes/coughs continuously), he is so bored at work and watches youtube videos throughout the day and snort-laughs every few minutes, it sounds like water being poured down a drain when he drinks anything from a bottle, etc! TORTURE! I used to get up and deliver completed documents/projects as I completed my work – but now I try to “stockpile” as much as I can so I have a reason to leave my desk, and stay away for bit, every day when he get his lunch bag out. This at least helps me to miss some of his lunch eating. Although the rest is constant throughout the day! I can’t avoid my desk all day. I answer the phone so I can’t wear headphones. What to do? I have been at this job for 13 years. Co-worker used to have his own little separate office space but the boss wanted to keep a better eye on him so they moved him out to the general office area. I am a very sensitive person and I do not want to offend or hurt anyone. I just want it to stop. I can feel my blood pressure rising every time he makes his noises.