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    Open office / shared meetings create the worst environment for us. I unfortunately suffered through work dealing with an open office space for a little over a year, and it made my triggers worse. I do not personally believe in trigger exposure therapy, my mind just started to react to more and more triggers. Eventually I left that job, but to my disappointment I was given an open office space at the new location. Because I was in the last row ‘away from people’ the person who hired me, who I told I couldn’t stand open office spaces, thought it would be fine for me. (Luckily that person no longer works there). Anyway, I went to a misophonia conference in Vegas that year where I met others with our condition and learned about some hearing aids that are blue tooth enabled that would allow me to play pink noise in the background, and by the grace of some higher power shinning down on me, the audiologist I found not only believed in misophonia she was working on the issue for her patients and wrote me a letter that I took to my employer and with it I was able to get a semi private office, which now is my own space. I have not completely healed of course, I will have this condition for life, but in the past few months that I have had space to go to where I can relax and not worry about so many triggers, my quality of life has drastically improved. I know it’s very hard to do, but first get the help you need to, there’s probably not many people you know who understand your condition, so finding others who do helped me, I suggest using this group and attending any conferences you can and finding an audiologist who can help. The first one I went to basically told me I had super great hearing and he didn’t believe in Misophonia, the one who helped me changed my life, I am so grateful for her work and others who are brave enough to advocate for people made like us. I wish you the best, please look out for yourself, protect yourself from potentially acquiring more triggers. It’s so hard to come back to a balance when you’re always fighting inside. Best of luck.