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    I’m 14 years old and I have been dealing with this since I was so long. Probably longer than I can remember. I know it started to become a problem around the age of 8 or 9 when my mom’s loud breathing and chewing would annoy me. I told her that it bothers me and tshe has told me “I’ll never make it in the real world” because if this. I found the word and meaning of misophonia and I immediately knew I had it.

    My mom, dad, and brother all trigger me. All with their eating and my mom and dad with breathing. My dad is the loudest breather and eater I’ve met but when I told him about it he yelled at me again to “GET OVER IT!” I don’t have a strong relationship with him because I avoid him at all costs.
    My brother kinda has the same problem as me but I don’t think it affects him as much. He always annoys me my chewing in my ear and he does it to the point I get violent with him like squeezing his shoulder really hard to punching is body (not hard enough to cause harm).

    I sometimes skip meals with my family because I can’t stand them, I hate going to the movies because I don’t like the sounderlying of not only them eating and drinking but the others around me too. Going out to eat is a pain because I’m forced to go out with them to “get off our devices” but I sometimes sneak an earbud in my ear because they always tell me to take it out because it’s rude.

    I cope with music ot youtube. Along with my trigger sounds, I have visual triggers like seeing someone eat. My mom tells me to get off my phone because she “read a study and it said teens that spend too much time on their phones cause depression.” I don’t have depression but the only remote reason why I would have it is because of this.

    I would talk about it to a couselor/therapist or something but everytime I think about it, I cry. I hate people seeing me cry. I hate talking about it to people even more. My parents don’t care. They’re probably like “add it to your list of medical problems. I think if killing myself too but I want to live but not like this.