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Becky Collins

    OH MY GOSH Bagels can be the absolute WORST. For some reason…that’s one of the worst foods. Unsure why people are so particularly smack-y when it comes to bagels.

    Here’s my predicament; luckily, gum isn’t too much of a problem at my job. It seems infrequent and fairly manageable in my current workspace. HOWEVER; my direct supervisor is NON-STOP tapping, humming, and singing. It’s maddening. She’s one of the most frenetic person I’ve ever met, and basically my worst nightmare. Unfortunately, these past 3 days have been an absolute HELL, at what should be my dream job…trying to cope with music, but the irregular yet constant tapping is making me insane, coupled with the humming.

    You know, the hum where there’s no song being hummed, but they’re just humming to feel the vibration in the throat.

    Send any help stat. Slowly dying. I hear you all and feel your pain. XOX