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This is where we celebrate your creative exploits in music, literature, art and film.

Many of these works have been submitted by Allergic to Sound readers (contact me here if you want to have yours featured) but I’ve also included pieces that I’ve stumbled upon trawling the interweb.

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Misophonia Music

Misphonia is a solo, instrumental album by Jon Dawson of Third of Never fame. It was released in 2020. As the folks over at Something Else Reviews put it “Misophonia is performed at a mellow and measured pace. The gentle ping of a piano, escorted by tinkling glass, whistling birds and doors opening and closing are some of sounds employed on this fascinating foray into what is commonly classified ambient or mood music. Fans of Pink Floyd and Tangerine Dream should also take note.”

Listen to John’s album on Bandcamp | or Spotify

Also called Misophonia is this upbeat instrumental album released by Chris Joss in 2018. In the words of David Jeffries, “Frenchman/producer/multi-instrumentalist Chris Joss constructs funky downtempo music that’s heavily influenced by the film music of Lalo Schifrin, John Barry, and Quincy Jones. Joss made his debut in 1996 with The Man With a Suitcase. Dr. Rhythm appeared in 2002 and was followed two years later by the soulful You’ve Been Spiked. That same year, You’ve Been Spiked was picked-up for an American re-release by the ESL label, home of the like-minded Thievery Corporation.”

Listen to Chris’s album on Bandcamp | or Spotify

Misophonia Books

Full of Sound and Fury was written by fellow misophonia sufferer, Shaylynn Hayes, to help people with this disorder and raise awareness. It includes interviews with real misophones. She strives to teach the general public about the disorder in a way that also resonates with sufferers. With a foreword and research information by Dr. Jennifer Jo-Brout, Full of Sound and Fury is a great starting place when it comes to dealing with misophonia.

You can find Shaylynn’s book here

Exploring Misophonia is an effort by sufferers, doctors, and professionals to understand this disorder. On the front-lines of research and advocacy, Misophonia International has interviewed professionals and sufferers over the course of two years. In this time many discoveries have been made. An exploratory process, Exploring Misophonia is an anthology that focuses on the developments of misophonia in the here and now.

You can find Exploring Misophonia here

A novel by Allergic to Sound reader, Ginette Therrien. In “Written from Heaven, Wren is forced to face all truths about her life before she can be truly free… ‘Sanctuary’ will introduce you to Dr Pascale Miner, a retired psychiatrist, who has moved her life miles away from the familiar, alone… In ‘The Stories Live On’ Carolyn has experienced the pain of rejection and has survived the truth.”

You can find Three Titles here

Misophonia Poetry

Love, Joy and Delight! Is a short poem written by Allergic to Sound reader, Paul Wilkins. It’s an upbeat ode dedicated to love, joy and delight.

You can read Paul’s poem here

Curdled is a poem written by Allergic to Sound reader, Ashlan about misophonia trials, triggers and tribulations

You can read Ashlan’s poem here

Misophonia Art

Laura Thomas has a degree in Fine Art and is now a full time artist creating modern style animal portraits.